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Building Reputation in Office: Attitude Required

When we join any new office, we always want that people respect us as well as management has confidence in us. It is not easy to build that perception. It requires special attitude and zeal to perform. To know more about it, stay tuned with My Thoughts

Unplanned Road Trip : Adventurous and Dangerous

As you all know that I love driving, so I took my car at 1 AM and started driving towards Mumbai from Hyderabad. I was alone and drove for almost 22 hours on a stretch. I met so many people and also met with so many incidents which could be very dangerous. To know more about it, stay tuned with My Thoughts.

Investments is Good or Bad: Parameters to decide 

Investments are subject to market risk, you have read or hear it a lot whenever you are watching or listening any advertisements of mutual funds. People think that bad investments can happened only there but there are many places in our daily routines, wherever we are spending can be good or bad investment. To know more about it, stay tuned with My Thoughts

Rise of JavaScript with NodeJS for Web

I always say that technology is bound to change but attitude towards learning should not be change. We see that scripting languages never had that much importance compared to full flash language. Scripting was never be a domain or we can say core language. But JavaScript traveled a long way from scripting language to core language after introduction of NodeJS.To know more about it, stay tuned with My Thoughts

Rise of Woman in India in 2017- Defending Indians

2017 is the year, when condition of women is changed a lot. Sushma Swaraj became second most popular politician after our PM Narendra Modi. Women Cricket reached to the heart of each and every Indian. Indian women won two medals in World Badminton for the first time. To know more about it, stay tuned with My Thoughts.




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  1. Akshay Mittal
    September 4, 2017 at 8:03 AM

    Very interested topics…

    • Ankur Mittal - An Innovative Thinker
      September 4, 2017 at 10:46 AM

      Thanks bro

  2. Upendra
    July 23, 2017 at 4:41 AM

    Sania Mirza

  3. neha jayaswal
    July 22, 2017 at 2:55 PM

    Very interesting topics chosen.. really looking forward to each of them..!!

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