If you need any suggestion related to financial planning, Relationship Problem (Marriage) or Career Counselling. You can get the solution from my articles but still you need suggestion then please fill out below form and pay in advance. I will help you, if not able to solve your problem, full amount will refund. If you do not have Pay pal account, you can mention your payment method, I will give the details. Default is PayPal.

Financial Advise

If you need any financial advise for you, please pay basic amount. Mainly supporting people who are doing job or having constant earnings.


Relationship Advise

If you are having problem in your relationship, please reach out to me by paying in advance.


Career Advise

If you are into any IT job and need advise to plan your career. You are most welcome. Please pay in advance if you are earning, else you can pay later too. Post discussion



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