Readers – My Life Line

Readers are the lifeline of Writer, so it is essential that they should be connected. Writer is nothing without reader, Without Reader, Writer is like a Car without Petrol.

This page is dedicated to my readers, the more you read, the more I write. I hope that you are liking my content and find some unique features in my blog. I want to make it simple so that little knowledge of language is enough to read the post. I am trying to connect maximum topics so that maximum readers can connect with that.

As My Thoughts reached more than 30 countries so I thought the need content in multilingual. After checking I came to know that content can be available in following language: Language

Welcome Message for Readers Watch

Thank You readers for overwhelming response. Keep Reading…

My Thoughts – Friendship Day Message

Mostly, all the topics are based on my real experience, I worked in MNC from past 11 years so IT folks can relate with me, I worked as a freelancer, passionate about my country. I respect every individual and would like everyone to be good. I would like to help people with my experience. You can drop me email if you have any questions or problems, I will try to help as much as I can.  As you know I have just started (18th July 2017, the day this blog born), so please forgive my little mistakes and do not hesitate to let me know. Keep Reading.

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